About us

Smart Sweetie- sugarfree candy for health


We, the managers, owners of Napra Forgó Rehabilitation Services Nonprofit Private Company Limited by Shares, are committed to incorporate dedicating resources, funds  into our activities to the public benefit.

It  was at summer 2017 when we made the decision to launch processing natural sugarfree sweets, candies that are free of artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.

Our endavour was double:

  1. The natural sweets made by us must have use-value, itself for individual.
    E.g.: can be consumed by health conscious children, adults and as well by diabetics.
  2. Corporate Social Value : our natural products are made by people with disabilities who are doing their work with dedicated care and joy while recognizing their strengths and focus on them, rather than focusing on a disability.

That gave us a drive to set up ”Smart Sweetie’s” project that todays  gives work for six people.

We believe in responsible parental influence on our children’s eating behaviour.

Many put the question of  what sweetness to give the children, which in addition to its delicious flavour, does not impair health of children and oneself? Our Goal  is that our products comply to these needs.

We are convinced that Smart Sweetie is going to be a brand ahead of a dynamically developing market on healthy sugarfree sweets.


Napra Forgó Rehabilitation Services Nonprofit Private Company Limited by Shares ( NAF), which has been active for 20 years with the main aim to contribute to development of disadvantaged people who are able and want to work in order to keep their self-esteem and to advance.

We do not collect and distribute donations for them but we provide them one of the most important things in the life: workplace.

We have been working on each idea and thought that can contribute to the realization of our fundamental vision , mission:

creating new and new jobs. We believe that a true case that is implemented in a trustworthy, consistent way will develop new ones  by adding value in a sustainable way!

Our goal is that consumers know us and our products  better and better while  choosing with awareness sweets for their ”Sweeties” that cause no impair to their health.


Our products are made  of natural ingredients. We use exclusively natural fruit powders  at our works.

No artificial flavours, no artificial coloring!  No sugar, no gluten, no nuts can be found in our products.

  • sweets made of natural fruit flavour
  • sweets made of herbal flavour
  • sweets containing vitamines

We thought of adults, too:

  • hard candy made of real Arabica coffee

Please consider by purchasing our products, you support workplace of our work-fellows with disabilities.


Zaymus Miklós


E-mail: zaymus.miklos@naf.hu